The band was formed by SM Entertainment in and debuted in The band ranked as one of the top five most influential celebrities on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list from to and have been labeled " Kings of K-pop " and the "Biggest boyband in the world" by various media outlets. Kris, Luhan, and Tao departed the group individually amid legal battles in and SinceExo have exclusively performed as one group while continuing to release and perform music in multiple languages.

Each member also maintains solo careers in music, film and television. Exo's first album XOXOreleased alongside breakthrough single " Growl ", was a critical and commercial success; it sold over one million copies, which made Exo the first Korean artist to do so in twelve years. Their later works also had strong sales, with their Korean studio albums each selling over one million copies.

Exo's sixth album, Don't Mess Up My Tempobecame their highest-charting album on the US Billboarddebuting at number 23, and their best selling album in South Korea, where it sold over 1.

Exo have won numerous awards throughout their career, including five consecutive Album of the Year awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards and two consecutive Artist of the Year awards at the Melon Music Awardsand have performed over concerts across four headlining tours and multiple joint tours.

InSM Entertainment CEOLee Soo-manrevealed plans to debut a new boy band that would be divided into two sub-groups, promoting the same music simultaneously in South Korea and China by performing songs in both Korean and Mandarin. Exo-K's leader, Suhowas the first member to join SM Entertainment, after a successful audition through the company's casting system in The following year, Kaiwith encouragement from his father, auditioned at the SM Youth Best Contest; he won and received a contract.

InExo-K's D. That same year, Lay auditioned in Changsha, China, and subsequently moved to South Korea, while Xiumin attended an audition with his friend and won second place. The last member to join Exo-M was Chenwho took part in the casting system in Prior its debut, Exo released two singles, titled "What Is Love" and "History", which peaked at number 88 on and number 68 respectively on the Gaon Digital Chart and at number six on the Sina Music Chart.

All versions of XOXO collectively sold over one million copies, making Exo the first South Korean artists to reach that milestone in 12 years. Exo's third EP, Overdosewas released on May 7, The album had overpre-orders, making it the most pre-ordered Korean EP in history. On May 15,Kris filed a lawsuit against Sm Entertainment to terminate his contract and alleged that SM: disregarded his health; maintained unfair profit distributions; restricted his freedom; and treated him like a product rather than a person.

On March 7,Exo began their second headlining world tour, " Exoplanet 2 — The Exo'luxion ", with 70, attendees across five nights at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.They also the most prominent Kpop group after Suju which is an acronym of Super Junior group. EXO global influence also to be noted by many media, where EXO with their album released simultaneously in Chinese and Korean and also impressed the population in the world with their songs which made many fans named themselves EXO-L.

Real Names. Kim Jun Myeon. Kim Min Seok. Zhang Yixing. October 7, May 6, Do Kyung So. Oh Se Hun. He attended a private acting school at age 16 where he learns to be an actor. Later, Chanyeol also starred as the male lead in web drama titled Exo Next Door. Chanyeol duet with Punch also reached Gaon Digital Chart which ranked third.

Exo's OT12 members profile....

Not much is known about his personal family life. Famous for his skill in singing, D. O started his practices in singing during a primary school. O, unlike other EXO members, was not scouted, instead, he was recommended after won the first place at a local festival.

exo profile

O is still single, besides a wrong rumor in which he was rumored to date Irene from Red velvet, there is just a wrong perception and there is no more rumor after that.

O also announced to become one of VA for an animated film titled The Underdog in which will be released this year. Kai also known as the best EXO members dancer, began dancing at age of 8 in jazz dance and ballet.

In the fourth grade of elementary school, he watched The Nutcracker and wish to start learning ballet deeper. During his time dating Krystal, many of his fans were disappointed and bashed him because of jealousy. He also became a model for The Big Issue magz. Sehun must go through a total of 4 audition before eventually passed. He also became the fifth person to be introduced as EXO members.New content loaded, scroll down!

Hold on, looking for more. Past members: Luhan Z. Tao Kris Wu. They have been active as a single group since while continuing to release and perform music in multiple languages. The group became nine after the departures of Kris, Luhan and Tao.

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Their Chinese member Lay has released two solo chinese albums in and Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group. Introduction to EXO "We are one. We are EXO! EXO's Discography. BIRD October 1 tracks. Countdown January 10 tracks.

Universe December 8 tracks. Power Remixes October 4 tracks. The War July 9 tracks.

exo profile

For Life December 5 tracks. Lotto Repackage August 12 tracks. Ex'Act June 11 tracks. Sing for You December 10 tracks. Love Me Right June 13 tracks. Overdose May 9 tracks. Miracles in December December 5 tracks. Growl August 12 tracks. XOXO June 10 tracks. Associated Groups. Baekhyun Main Vocal. Chen Main Vocalist. Members: Chanyeol Main Rapper, Vocalist. SuperM SM Entertainment. Members: Baekhyun Main Vocal. Kai Main dancer.Back To Search. Our mission is to collect and display the world's music information all in one place.

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Click here for Shinee Profile. Back To Search Shinee. Label S. Website SHINee. The Inquisitr. Kpop Wiki - Fandom. Fan Pop. Entertainment in The group is composed of four active members: Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin. Member Jonghyun died on December 18, The group gained attention for starting a fashion trend amongst students, which the media dubbed the "Shinee Trend".

Shinee further consolidated their popularity on the South Korean music scene with follow-up singles "Ring Ding Dong" and "Lucifer". In the group released Sherlock, which became the fifth most sold album of the year with overcopies sold. The group has also been included in the Forbes list of Korea Power Celebrity multiple times, once in and again in Their Japanese version of their single "Replay" sold overcopies, the highest number of sales for a Japanese debut single recorded by Oricon for a South Korean group at the time.

Shinee are considered as one of the best live vocalists in K-pop and are known for their highly synchronized and complex dance routines and were awarded the Best Dance Performance Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards three times in a row for their dance performances to "Sherlock", "Dream Girl" and "View".

The group's popularity in their native country South Korea has earned them numerous accolades and titles like "Princes of K-pop". The group's Korean name, Shinee is a new coined word and explained as a combination of shine meaning light, and the suffix ee, therefore meaning "one who receives the light".

On May 25,the group's first EP, Replay, was released, which debuted at number ten on the Korean music charts and peaked at number eight, selling 17, copies in the first half of In the same month, Shinee subsequently released their first full-length album, The SHINee World, which debuted at number three, selling 30, copies. On September 18,the song won first place on M! Countdown making it the group's first win on Korean music shows since debut.

EXO Members Profile, Facts & Discography

On the same day, a repackaged version of The Shinee World, titled A. Go" is a shortened version of the Korean phrase "Areumdaun Minyeoreul Joahamyeon Gosaenghanda", which can be translated to "The heart aches when you fall in love with a beauty". Shinee's second extended play, Romeo, was released on May Wu is active as a solo artist and actor in China and has starred in several No. He was born and raised in GuangzhouGuangdong.

At the age of 10, he moved to VancouverBritish Columbia, Canada, with his mother. At the age of 18, Wu auditioned for SM Entertainment 's Canadian global auditions, which were held in Vancouver; after passing the auditions, he became a trainee for the company and was offered a role in Exo in The album became the first album by a Korea-based artist in twelve years to sell over one million copies, and is the 12th best selling album of all time in Korea.

He then starred in his second film Mr. Sixwhich closed at the Venice Film Festival. Upon its release, "Deserve" placed No. The music video was released on 28 December. On 19 AprilWu released a single, "Big Bowl, Thick Noodle", the music video for which was viewed over 90 million times on streaming site Miaopai. The EP was pre-ordered 1 million times just 87 minutes after being made available on Tencent streaming platform QQ Music, marking a new record for the platform.

The EP features three Chinese songs and one in English. Wu can speak four languages: MandarinCantoneseEnglish, and Korean. In Augustduring the —20 Hong Kong protestsWu shared photos of the Chinese flag accompanied by the hashtags "the Chinese national flag has 1. Inhe became the first endorser for Mixxtail. The brand made him chief design advisor and the face of their latest in-house brand, Under Garden.

He designed the lookbook for the latest collection. Wu made his international debut as the brand ambassador of Bvlgari at BaselWorld. The charity project is aimed at helping children suffering from congenital heart defects in Ngari Prefecture in Tibet. The goal is to spread basketball in middle schools in China to encourage all basketball-loving youth to continue their dreams of pursuing this sport.

NBA program and is part of the program's mentor group. On 15 MayWu filed a lawsuit against the agency to terminate his contract. On 30 JulySM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Wu and the Chinese companies working with him at the Beijing court, stating that "these activities have infringed the rights of the EXO members and SM, and have caused great financial harm to us and our partners.

This is not only an abuse of the system, but also an unethical move that has betrayed the trust of this company and the other members. Entertainment had made him leave the group for several months and that S.

Entertainment 's way of mistreating and neglecting their artists resulted in serious health issues: he had to take medication to be able to work from July to Januarywhen he was diagnosed with myocarditis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Chris Wu. Chinese actor and singer. This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Wu. GuangzhouGuangdong, China. Singer-songwriter actor model.

Main article: Exo band. See also: Exo discography. Retrieved 23 January Retrieved 3 June South China Morning Post.Polubienie Polubienie. Powiadamiaj mnie o nowych komentarzach poprzez e-mail. Powiadamiaj mnie o nowych wpisach poprzez e-mail.

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Exo's commuter trains are its highest-profile division. It has two types of trains: electric multiple unit EMU trains, used on the Deux-Montagnes lineand diesel-electric push-pull trainsused on all the others. The Deux-Montagnes line was electrified because of the 4. Diesel trains through the tunnel were at one time restricted and are now prohibited; the diesel-powered trains of the Mont-Saint-Hilaire lineVia Rail and Amtrak all arrive at Central Station from the direction opposite the tunnel.

Operation of all commuter rail was provided by contract to CN and CP on their respective rail networks until June 30, Operations were taken over by Bombardier Transportation beginning July 1,on an 8-year contract.

The greater Montreal area is divided into 8 fare zones. Starting from downtown Montreal, they stretch outwards in all directions.

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The first three zones are within the cities of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil only. The commuter train fare system is based on the assumption that the user is travelling to or from downtown. It is the same price, for example, to travel within zone 3 or from zone 3 to zone 2 as opposed to travel from zone 3 to zone 1.

Tickets can be purchased individually or in a six-trip card Single and 6-trip TRAM fares are available for zones 1, 2, and 3 only, and are valid only on STM buses. Regular users can get a monthly pass if they have an OPUS card. Tickets and passes for commuter trains are valid for any line, as long as the ticket is used within minutes from the time of purchase or validation.

Travel is limited to the zone for which the ticket is purchased, or any lower-numbered zone, but not a higher-numbered one. For example, a zone 5 ticket is valid for zones 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, but not zones 6, 7, and 8. Local bus tickets and passes are not valid on commuter trains. There are no faregates; instead, a proof-of-payment system is used, where fare inspectors randomly check tickets. All fares are available in a cheaper "reduced" category for children 6 to 15 years old, students 16 and 17 years old, and seniors that are 65 or older.

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Tickets and passes are also sold at a few stores near the suburban stations. Consult the full list on the RTM's website. Exo has a variety of rolling stock, some of it acquired from GO Transitthe rest built specifically for it. There are a total of cars and locomotives in the fleet. The 58 Bombardier electrics are exclusively used on the Deux-Montagnes line.

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